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The best way to reach us is by E-Mail. Other options include instant messenger using AIM, or as a last resort paper mail.


The best way to reach us is by E-Mail. You can send directly to us at MAP@MAP-NE.com. However, due to the nefarious efforts of so-called spammers, that address has had to have very strict filtering applied to it, so responses may be delayed or your message may not even get through.

Instead, you can fill out this contact form, which will use an address that bypasses the filters (so that we are guaranteed to see it), but changes frequently (so that the nefarious cannot harvest it even if they figure out what it is). Note also that the instructions around the apparent "Captcha" say to ignore the picture and just put a constant in the box, to help confuse the non-humans.


You can often reach us on AIM as "MAP Net Eng". We may not respond immediately. But, if you're still around, we should get back eventually. You can always fall back to E-Mail as above.

Physical mail

Paper mail or packages can be sent to:
MAP Network Engineering
517 Streeter Hill Rd.
Whitingham, VT 05361

For regular paper mail we recommend the USPS. For packages, we have found that the best ways to reach us are USPS and UPS. FedEx seems to work as well, but is not quite as good. Airborne Express is known to be a bad choice. We have no experience with others, but recommend you research whether they will deliver directly to all rural addresses, and specifically the one above.

Yes, I live in a very rural part of Vermont. But all work is done over the net or by telephone, so where my terminal is located doesn't really matter. Everything works just as well from here as when I lived in Boston.

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