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I have over 45 years experience with the net (I can't say "with The Internet" since it didn't have that name in 1975 when I first used it), and a little more experience with non-networked computers (over 50 years). I have used many computer languages and as a result, I find I can learn most any computer language enough to start writing real programs in a few hours to a day. My experience includes a wide variety of hardware, operating systems, and application software.

I have over 40 years of experience in production networks. Roles have included engineering, operations, routing, topology design, and performance measurement. The networks varied from small networks for small ISPs and ASPs to global networks for both multinational corporations and for DoD. I also have experience in designing application overlays to make efficient use of Internet infrastructure as well as the architecture for a network monitoring and analysis appliance (for which I was granted US Patent 7,242,681).

My main areas of expertise are in Internet routing and architecture, especially design of large networks or using all the tools of network design to achieve special goals such as load balancing or traffic management. This can be applied to core network engineering as well as engineering of interconnect plans, server farm performance, or distributed server setups.

I am presently interested mainly in additional consulting contracts. Many networks (both medium sized ISPs and enterprise networks) don't really have demand for a full-time routing guru, but could use one occasionally, e.g. for a one week project once or twice a year, and occasionally for larger projects. This is the void I am looking to fill. While I am located in the New England area, most of this work can be done using phone or E-mail for communication and remote control over the Internet for actual execution, so actual location is not important. And I also enjoy travelling when it is required.

I'm also willing to consider other offers for exceptionally interesting (to me) positions.

Major sections

The primary sections of the resume each have their own web page:

For those interested in details, there are also pages listing the computer languages, application software, operating systems and hardware I have experience with.

For those who need a printed version, I also have a PDF. It has a little less detail to fit on two pages, and (of course) is missing the links.

Although not strictly part of my resume, you might be interested in looking at my other collections of web pages, which give additional insight into my eclectic interests.

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