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This is a list of the computer languages I know. It's in descending order of current familiarity. I find I can learn most computer languages in a very short time (hours to a day at most for simple tasks). A couple of things are included here that aren't strictly programming languages (e.g. HTML, RUNOFF), but they are all computer languages of some sort.

Current regular use

These languages are ones that I currently use on a regular basis.

  • SQL
  • RXML
  • Ruby
  • Python
  • HTML
  • sh/bash (Bourne shell, Bourne Again Shell)
  • Emacs LISP
  • awk
  • sed
  • make (with and without GNU extensions)
  • csh

Recent extended experience

These are languages I have recently (within the last ten years) written a large program or system in, but have since stopped using.

  • C
  • C++
  • WOOL (another LISP)

Previous extended experience

These are languages in which I have written large systems at some time in the past, but have not used extensively within the last ten years.

  • Scheme (STk and the OO version STklos)
  • Expect (TCL)
  • PDP-11 assembler
  • TeX/LaTeX
  • .zwgc.desc
  • Zeta LISP (an early OO LISP)
  • MacLisp
  • M4
  • GNUplot
  • PostScript
  • TECO (RT-11/RSTS dialect)
  • TJ6
  • DCL (both VMS and RSTS variants)
  • NEAT/3 (NCR Century assembly)
  • VAX assembler
  • Nova assembler
  • XDP-1 assembler (an eXperimental Display Processor, main CPU similar to PDP-1, plus vector display processor)
  • PDP-8 assembler
  • Focal
  • Basic
  • Basic-Plus

Basic experience

These are languages which I have learned and written programs in, but no substantial sized projects.

  • PDP-10 assembler
  • Pascal
  • Algol
  • Scribe
  • CLU
  • Pike
  • Macsyma
  • APL
  • IBM-360 Assembler
  • JCL

Read-only languages

These are languages with which I am sufficiently familiar to understand programs others have written, even to the point of making basic modifications, but have yet to write a real program in, only toy programs.

  • PERL
  • 8080 Assembler
  • 68000 Assembler
  • TECO (ITS variant)
  • Smalltalk
  • Bolio

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