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MAP Network Engineering can provide a wide range of engineering services in most aspects of internet design, operations, and management. Most services are provided on an hourly consulting basis, although other arrangements can be made.

This page describes our consulting services in general. More detail may be found on the pages linked to from here, and you can always contact us directly with any questions. We also provide other services, see our main page for further info.


Complete Measurement, Analysis and Planning for internet networks of all kinds. Enterprise intranets, ISP backbones, and content provider architectures can all benefit from better measurement and analysis of existing network conditions for improved future planning. Some specific areas include Routing architecture, Growth Planning, DNS setup, and Staff training. There are additional pages with details oriented specifically for ISP or Enterprise networks.


I have been doing computer and data communications since 1970 and I've been connected with The Net since 1975 (when it was the ARPAnet, and through the transition to The Internet). I've been doing full-time engineering on parts of The Internet since 1987, including a range from small LANs to world wide WANs. For more details, see my resume.

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