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As any network grows it goes through stages where a new perspective is needed to re-architect it. Whether a company or an ISP, these growth points can be critical to success. MAP Network Engineering has engineers that have worked on networks from initial startups to large tier one providers.

A company trying to improve their internal network, the connection between their intranet and The Internet, or to improve their web presence, needs to make sure they get the design right, errors often don't show up until there's a problem, when it's too late to make sure your backups work.

An ISP, also, may want some additional advice and training before deploying a more complex network topology. For example, when growing from a level of connectivity where simple (often static) routing was sufficient to one where complex BGP setups are required for load-sharing and backup routing, it is often a good idea to have someone who has done it before.

Specific areas

Some specific areas where my expertise has been useful:
  • Transition plans for "zero down-time" network changes. There are no "idle times" in today's world-wide networks, even if your network is localized, your customers access you from around the globe, 24 hours a day. This means that any outage for a move or change will cost money, in lost sales, employee productivity, or customers who get turned away and go to your competition. With a little careful planning, most network changes can be done with essentially no lost time at all. MAP Network Engineering has designed a variety of such strategies, and can provide them for you at a cost below the potential lost revenue from even short down time.
  • Measurement of current usage with trend analysis and projections for future capacity requirements.
  • Migration and expansion strategies for maximum flexibility

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