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We can provide complete DNS setup and integration with other services (DHCP, address assignment database, authentication services). A regular audit of DNS zones, with detailed reports, can provide proactive response for potential problem areas. We specialize in Domains that need to meet exceptional availability and/or response time requirements.

Service Architecture

With proper design of a DNS Server Architecture, the Domain Service can provide very high availability and responsiveness. Since whenever a visitor visits your website, the load time for the initial page requires at least one round trip to your DNS Zone Servers, making the DNS Zone Servers more responsive will improve the site's performance.


MAP Network Engineering provides complete DNS auditing. We can evaluate your existing domains for correct configuration, operation, potential areas of unreliability, and full use of available options. It is very easy to set up DNS zones that do not report errors when loaded into a server and which appear to work for simple tests, but which have (or later develop) problems that may not be apparent. Also, while the DNS is designed for robust and reliable operation, this depends on the proper setup of the servers and zones, and cannot be fully evaluated by the zone servers when loading zones.

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