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This is a list of the computer hardware I know. It's in descending order of current familiarity. Some of these my knowledge is only cursory, but for most of them it extends to being able to disassemble, repair and reassemble them. For some, I have designed hardware for special peripheral attachments.

  • PDP-11 and LSI-11 (all models)
  • Raspberry Pi
  • MicroVAX
  • Sun (3/60, SPARC 1+, SPARC 5)
  • cisco routers
  • PDP-8 (8/E, 8/I)
  • VAX-11 (/780, /730)
  • IBM-PC (several variants)
  • PDP-10 (KA and KL models)
  • PDP-6
  • NCR Century
  • Amiga (A1000)
  • XDP-1
  • Nova
  • IBM 360
  • Interdata
  • Several Z80, 8080, and 68000 based machines

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