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This is a list of the operating systems I know. Each list is in descending order of current familiarity. For a few of these my familiarity was only as a user, but for most it went further, as a system administrator and/or application programmer. I have even written device drivers and system extensions or customizations for many of them.

UNIX variants

  • NetBSD
  • FreeBSD
  • Linux
  • SunOS 4
  • BSD 4.3
  • BSD 2.9
  • SysVr4
  • Ultrix
  • 6th Edition

Other Operating Systems

  • IOS (cisco routers)
  • RT-11
  • CGW (MIT gateway system, also used by Proteon)
  • LispM
  • ITS
  • RSTS/E
  • Genera
  • RSX-11D
  • AmigaDOS/Intuition
  • Multics
  • DSM-11
  • RSX-11M
  • CP/M
  • DOS-11
  • TSO

Plus, batch operating systems from NCR and IBM. I'm not sure they had names, if so I've forgotten what they were called.

Additionally, I have written several from-scratch operating systems for real-time embedded controls as well as working with several that others had implemented.

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